Sunday, 18 April 2010


Today I bring you a hack to make free local,STD,ISD calls. I am exploiting a loophole in Rediff’s ad service. You can search for an ad on Rediff local ads and call the advertiser through Rediff. Rediff will call you first and then connect you with the advertiser of that ad. In this hack you basically need to post one ad, with your phone number. After that, every time you have to call a friend, you can search for that ad and pretend to be your friend. you want to call. Rediff will thus, call you as the advertiser and it will call your friend whose number youprovided. Confused? Let me explain it step by step.
1) Go to
2) Click on Post ad (free) button.
3) Fill out the form and enter your Mobile number. Here, you should advertise something which is easier to search(just give any words or command:Note :dont forget it).
4) Post your ad and wait for one hour. Usually it takes around 40-45 minutes at max.
5) Search your ad and provide your friend’s number as the number to be connected with advertiser of that ad (your call is connecting here).
That is it. You made a free call. The disadvantage is that one call lasts for only 1:30 minutes. Additionally, there is a limit of calls made per ad per week. However, they let you post multiple ads with same mobile number. That is you can do away with this weekly limit easily.
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