Sunday, 6 February 2011


How to boost the speed of firefox 400x faster.
Just follow these steps.
1-open firefox
2-write (about: config) in the address bar & hit the enter.a message prompt will be apear.again hit enter.
3-now in the blank row type network
4-change the value of max.pipelining request to 500
5-network max connections-48
6-network max.conn.per server-16
7-network.prefetch-next-false. now close the firefox & open it again.fill the address of any site & see how much you have boost your internet browsing speed.

This trick was created by johnplayers

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7 comments: thing is missing have to change the value of-network.http.pipelining to-true.
sorry for the mistake.

really nice
pls show more tricks

it wonderful.its working so nicely.thanx man for this trick.plz show some more tricks.

not working fake .......................all material are coy from right

fantastic trick.its working.i think has copy your trick.coz i have seen your youtube video on this topic 2 year ago.

baler vodar trick dicosh... tor lauara kaj kore... trick 50% missing ... madechod ... mutlam na tor site

fantastic trick.its works.i like it.

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