Wednesday, 9 June 2010


Keylogging is a method of capturing and recording user keystrokes, capture screenshots, mouse movements, and etc. There are a lot of keylogging monitoring softwares,but I am going to explain about a free keylogger.Keylogging is not bad in real sense,it is useful in monitoring sources of errors in computer systems,measure employee productivity,etc.Here I am saying about the lightlogger.Lightlogger allow you to make logging even when an anti-keylogger is installed.

Free Download

LightLogger monitoring software features:

  1. Absolutely free.
  2. Easy to install and using.
  3. Logs all keystrokes, is case sensitive (keystroke logger).
  4. Multi-language support.
  5. All the information is stored in the log file including system passwords, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, IAM, Skype messages and e-mail clients.
  6. Generates the report in the html format.
  7. The password fields are shown with the picture monitoring software password field
  8. Support special characters like [BACK], [CTRL], [DEL] and others.
  9. Small size 170Kb.
Download it Now

Once the log reaches 1MB, LightLogger will automatocally delete the logs at next reboot.If you want to delete files manually go “C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\lightlogger.log" and delete
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dat sw isa backdoor trojan

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