Wednesday, 9 June 2010


Did you ever tried to make a folder name empty?.When you try to make a folder name empty it will give default name as "new folder".It is the problem with the hiding of folder in your computer.Here I am going to say how to hide a folder without any software.Presently it is not working for laptops.To hide a folder in your desk top follow the steps
>>Create a new folder wherever you want
       To hide an existing folder just rename folder(Right click on folder->select rename)
>>Instead of giving a name Hold down "Alt" key and press 255 or 0160.It will result the name of folder blank
>>Then right click on the folder and select properties.
>>In properties select customize and select change icon
>>Go through the new window and you can see about three blank space
>>Select one of them and click OK and after Apply->OK

Now your folder is hidden!

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