Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Hello guys,
we all daily watches video & download from the know every video of youtube is in flash format.some video is in very cheap if you watching a video online in youtube & u feeling that it is not much more clear,so just do this have to add this code behind the youtube video you are watching.after adding this code you will find out that video qualiy has been boost.this trick you can do with downloading. for example:,this is url of video you are what you have to do,just simple.,& hit the see this video in high defination & clarity. in downloading section. this is the video url u want to download in mp4 format without using anysoftware.just try this trick.your video automatically will download in mp4 quality. example:,just add the same code behind the url.,now download will download in mpeg-4 technology. 
this trick has been made by-johnplayers-

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its fantastic trick.working.plz some more trick

nice work.i liked it.

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