Friday, 11 March 2011


Yesterday I was given another similar, virus infected Nokia 6600 to be cleaned. The phone’s battery was draining too fast and it was sending automatic Bluetooth connection requests to other mobiles. Rather than choosing the conventional method (Formatting the phone and memory card), I decided to experiment a bit and work on a different line of action. The strategy was, to find and delete the virus files manually.
To start with, I installed X-plore in the phone and searched for the virus related files and folders. Soon I found the culprit files (cpun.exe, cpun.mdl and some other suspicious looking files). I knew that, as long as the virus is running as a process, these files cannot be deleted (The virus will recreate them again) and hence the virus process must be terminated first. To do this I opened ‘Processes’ under ‘Menu/Tools’ in X-plore. There I found above named process and bingo, I thought the battle is won. But to my horror, when I tried to terminate the virus process, X-plore crashed. I tried again and again but X-plore crashed every time. Frustrated, I tried FExplorer but it failed too. As a last resort I installed and used another file manager application ‘System Explorer’ and to my delight it terminated the culprit process without any hassle. After this I deleted all the virus related files and the phone became perfectly fine. Note however that if you are not familiar with the phone’s files and processes then please DO NOT attempt to terminate any process or delete any file suspecting it as a virus. This way you may harm your mobile and it is always safer to choose the conventional way to remove the virus.
Currently, System Explorer is compatible with Symbian S60 1st and 2nd edition phones only. (Download)
Anyway, this experiment also proved that ‘System Explorer’ is more powerful than X-plore (Otherwise the best file manager app), in terminating the processes. Are Lonelycatgames guys reading?
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