Saturday, 26 March 2011


This free guide explains in detail how to perform both the very simple and the most tedious tasks. Find out how to get your hands on fresh applications, how to keep your device synchronized and even how to jailbreak your iPhone!

1. Enable parental controls, useful when you want to restrict the content your child can access. Restrictions can be applied to all the categories of content available on the iTunes Store: music, applications, movies and TV shows.

Settings->General–>Restrictions. Tap “Enable Restrictions” and choose a four digit code. Enter it a second time for confirmation then tap the sliders according to your requirements.

2. Add new words to the iPhone dictionary, making sure that the AutoCorrect function will recognize the word you’re typing and not replace it.

Open the Notes application and type the words repeatedly. After typing each respective word at least 5 times, it should be added to the dictionary.

3. If your native language requires the input of special characters such as e and é è ë ê, just press and hold the main character on which it is based and additional characters will be displayed.

4. You can very quickly scroll back to the top of the screen by tapping on the status bar at the top of the screen.

5. Fast forward or rewind music and videos by pressing and holding the >> and << buttons.

6. Access the scientific calculator by rotating the iPhone into landscape mode (when using Calculator).

7. When receiving a call, press the sleep/hold button at the top of your iPhone once and it will silence the ringer. Press that button twice and it will both silence the ringer and send the call to voicemail.

8. Customize the double click functionality of the Home button.
Settings->General->Home. Available destinations are Home, Phone Favorites, iPod Controls and Search.

9. You can undo typing by shaking your iPhone. If you want your text back, simply shake again

10. The fastest way to delete a single e-mail or podcast is to swipe your finger from left to right across the e-mail. That will cause a red Delete button to appear so that you can confirm that you want to delete.

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